How Not To Book A Removal

21st November 2016

When you decide to move home there are many things to think about, such as the arranging with Estate Agents to put your property on the market, showing prospective buyers around your current property, searching for own new property, haggling over prices, all the legal matters associated with buying and selling, speaking to the mortgage company, etc, etc, etc.

One of the last things most people think about is contacting a removal company to move their treasured possessions. Nothing wrong with that approach as the amount of notice of removal dates we receive nowadays is normally somewhere in the region of 10-14 days. Obviously the more notice you can give us the better, and the more chance you have of us being able to move you on the date you actually want to move on.

So when is the best time to contact a removal company and ask for a quote? We suggest you start to obtain quotes when you have someone interested in the purchase of your property, this way you give yourself plenty of time to obtain quotes, decide which you wish to accept, and allowing you to book as soon as you are aware of completion dates for sale/purchase of properties.

But to return to the title of this blog ’How Not To Make A Removal Booking’. On the odd occasion ourselves, and we are sure many other Removal companies are in the same position, receive an inquiry regarding whether a date, many weeks or even months in the future, is available for possible removal. Note we say possible removal, not a definite removal just a potential date that the person making the inquiry is hoping they will be able to move on, but nothing set in stone, not a completion date or agreed date with other parties.

We explain the date is currently available, but not would not be in a position to book said removal date until the following events have occurred:

1)   We have provided a quotation, which you have formerly accepted
2)   This is a confirmed completion date for removal that all involved parties have agreed to

99.9% of time this explanation is fully understood and an appointment for our surveyor to visit to assess quantity to be removed and discuss requirements is made or the person making the inquiry contacts us at a later date to make such an appointment, and if provided quote is acceptable notifies us as soon as they have a confirmed removal date.

But what of the remaining 0.1%? This has proved to be a problem in the past with callers on the telephone or to our offices, just a few days before removal. In some cases these callers have become irrational in their behaviour regarding a removal booking that was never made when they are informed we are unable to move them due to other previously booked removals. We have, in one case, even had a visitor to the our offices resorting to violence directed at our office staff due to this situation.

We must be very clear that we can not book dates for removal unless the date is a confirmed removal date and we have provided a quotation for said work, which has been formerly accepted. Once the proceeding has all occurred we then ask for payment to secure booking.

As a side note we must stipulate what we have a responsibility to protect our staff from violent or irrational behaviour whilst they are employed with us, to this end we will not tolerate, under any circumstances, such behaviour. Violent behaviour will, without exception, be reported to the police.

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